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Sunday Morning Sermon Series

Beginning October 7

Everyone loves a good love song. If you don’t believe that, then you have not been listening to the music all around you. Many, if not most couples in love have what they call “their song”. It is the song that was playing when they first met or maybe it marks some other special point in a relationship. It might be that song a young couple danced to at their wedding (unless of course they are a Baptist couple). For some it is that song that brought tears to some eyes during a break-up or a smile to a face in a difficult and lonely time apart. For my bride and I, there is a soundtrack of songs that bring back sweet memories of my love for her. I made her the first “mix tape” many years ago. Actually, we haven’t been together that long. We aren’t that old. To tell the truth, it was a “mix CD” which doesn’t have the same ring to it as “mix tape” but is just as antiquated a practice. In our day, the CD replaced the tape, which was replaced by downloads and streaming services. I guess the proper term now is playlist. For June and I the playlist keeps growing as a new love song provides a marker for each stage of our lives together. The playlist keeps growing I hope it always does. What if there was a love song that could do more than just pull on our heartstrings and remind us of our love? What if there was a song that could actually teach us how to truly love? What if there was a song that could improve our relationships?  Thinking about taking the next step? Would you like a song to teach you about dating? The Bible has a song for that. Want a better marriage? How about a song that could teach you something that could improve yours? There is a song.  Feeling like the passion is gone and need to rekindle some of the fire?  The Bible has your song. Are you lonely and alone and need a love song to lift you up instead of pulling you down? God has the song you need to hear. It is called “the song of songs, which is Solomon’s”. I don’t know the tune it was originally sung to but I do know that it can get us in tune with our creator who is the lover of our souls, and to each other, so come join us as we begin our study of the Song of Solomon on Sunday mornings at Landmark Baptist church. Our first study will be Sunday October 7 at 11am. I hope you will come, as together we learn from a love song and build relationships worth singing about.

Pastor Jason

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